32000 BTU Jet-Air Air-conditioner

We installed this 32000 BTU Jet-Air air-conditioner at a church in Pretoria, the installation is not done as per usual in the sense that there was no outside wall available to mount the condensing unit to, so we improvised and created a custom bracket with steel & threaded rod to hang the unit from the ceiling. This Jet-Air air-conditioner is sufficient for a 64sqm room.

IMG20160913WA0006 FILEminimizer-1636.jpg IMG20160913WA0005 FILEminimizer-4860.jpg IMG20160913WA0002 FILEminimizer-3524.jpg IMG20160913WA0003 FILEminimizer-2678.jpg IMG20160913WA0008 FILEminimizer-3816.jpg

IMG20160913WA0006 FILEminimizer-1636.jpg