Jet-Air Cassette Air-Conditioners are available in the following sizes

24 000 BTU Jet-Air Air-conditioners

48 000 BTU Jet-air Air-conditioners

These Air-conditioning systems are available in cooling and heating systems only.

Swift-Air is suppliers and installers of the Jet-Air Air-conditioning units.


Cassette R410A

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  • 1. 6 segment heating exchanger design
  • Corporate structure
  • Innovative exchanger design enlarges the heat exchanging area
  • Heating exchanging efficiency increased by 10% to 15%
  • 2. Fresh air intake
  • Fresh air makes indoor air quality healthy and comfortable
  • 3. Duct connection
  • Duct can be connected from the 4 sides to nearby rooms
  • 4. Built-in water drainage pump
  • The built-in pumpm can lift the condensing water up to 800mm high from the draining pan